Obamaphone Facts

Here are the facts regarding Obamaphone.

    1. "Obamaphone" is actually called the "Lifeline" program.

    2. Obama did not institute the program. Ronald Reagan did in the 1980's.

    3. Contrary to the misinformation out there, Obamaphone IS subsidized by the taxpayers (at a state level).

    4. Lifeline subscribers are only allowed 1 phone per household.

    5. Lifeline covers both cell phone and landline phones.

    6. In order to be eligible for Lifeline, you must have already been approved for one or more of US Government welfare programs.

    7. The program started in Tennessee in 2008 and rapidly spread to all states in America.

    8. In order to qualify, you income as an individual must be under $14,000 a year or $30,000 a year as a family.

    9. Researchers believe that around 35% of the US population is eligible for the Lifeline program.

    10. The phones that are given out "free" are useless pieces of junk and each person is only allotted 60 minutes of talk time every month. Hardly enough for the average American to get by on a month-to-month basis.

  • Using a V2 electronic cigarette is a hundred times less harmful than smoking.
    TRUE. Cardiac risk is probably more than a hundred times lower with the use of a V2 electronic cigarette when compared with regular tobacco; as carcinogenic risks, even if they are not completely absent as recalled in recently published surveys. If bronchial irritation is reduced, irritation of the throat reached the same level. For a smoker, it’s less dangerous to vape. But for a non-smoking, vaping is not healthy!

    It is too early to say that one becomes addicted to the electronic cigarette.
    TRUE. Although we have no study available at the moment, it is likely that the danger of addiction is less strong. The arrival of nicotine in the blood is sweeter because vapers typically shoot once every five minutes. But everything depends on the product and use. There is therefore a theoretical danger, but only in five years will we be able to say whether or not the risk is high.

    The vapor from electronic cigarettes contain potentially carcinogenic compounds.
    TRUE. But in infinitesimal doses. We are especially endangered when we misuse the electronic cigarette, for example when you let the resistance of the atomizer to dry. V2 ecigs comes in different types that lowers the risk of this sort of thing. We must therefore ensure that the e-liquid does not heat too. When it smells burnt, it is imperative to stop vaping. If you were to use a coupon for V2, then you would see huge financial gains in your monthly nicotine usage.

    The solvents used in V2 electronic cigarette, in particular propylene glycol, are toxic.
    FALSE. Propylene glycol or glycerin are not toxic, but little is known about the effects of exposure to them in the long term. But again, the fears are based on a precautionary principle.
    Disposable electronic cigarettes should be avoided. V2 ecigs come in different models that suit different needs.
    The steam generated by the V2 electronic cigarette is toxic to the environment.
    FALSE. One study showed that traces of nicotine were found in non-smoking urine that have been in contact with vapers in a small room. But vaping liabilities, if any, are still well below smoking tobacco. More and more people are using the V2 electronic cigarettes indoors, in enclosed places and it raises some questions. For health, it is uncertain, but this act can be an incentive to smoking that French law prohibits.

    The V2 electronic cigarette causes more coughing and sore throat than tobacco.
    FALSE. In the throat, there is a different irritant, but is called by smokers: the “hit”. Inspiring blows, there is something that reminds one of the cigarette even before the nicotine enters the blood and brain. Many heavy smokers who switch to V2 electronic cigarettes found their sense of smell again, reflecting a lower inflammation in the upper part of the nose. Regarding the bronchi, we do not yet have definitive data but vapers cough less. This is yet an another advantage for switching to V2 ecigs.