Obamaphone Facts

Here are the facts regarding Obamaphone.

    1. "Obamaphone" is actually called the "Lifeline" program.

    2. Obama did not institute the program. Ronald Reagan did in the 1980's.

    3. Contrary to the misinformation out there, Obamaphone IS subsidized by the taxpayers (at a state level).

    4. Lifeline subscribers are only allowed 1 phone per household.

    5. Lifeline covers both cell phone and landline phones.

    6. In order to be eligible for Lifeline, you must have already been approved for one or more of US Government welfare programs.

    7. The program started in Tennessee in 2008 and rapidly spread to all states in America.

    8. In order to qualify, you income as an individual must be under $14,000 a year or $30,000 a year as a family.

    9. Researchers believe that around 35% of the US population is eligible for the Lifeline program.

    10. The phones that are given out "free" are useless pieces of junk and each person is only allotted 60 minutes of talk time every month. Hardly enough for the average American to get by on a month-to-month basis.

  • We are an organization dedicated to helping low income black folk find deals in life. We understand that relying upon “Government assistance” does not provide very much in this day and age. By utilizing some intelligent thought, and resourceful shopping practices, it is our aim to show the community how to get more in life for less. We chose to pick on the “Obamaphone” because the US Government does not give out as much as they could. We’re tired of seeing our hard earned income tax dollars wasted on 50 billion dollar military planes and billions of dollars in “assistance” to foreign countries. We need to make American great again by focusing on our own people (black and white).

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    We understand that our ideas are somewhat controversial. We realize that there are Americans out there who literally live from paycheck to paycheck and them paying $30 to purchase a used phone off eBay is not possible. This website is not dedicated to them. This website is dedicated to those “low income” people in life who can somehow find a way to purchase a $60 video game for their children, or $100 sneakers. By utilizing common sense savings practices, one can easily afford a phone to get on the Freedompop network.

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