Why It Pays To Have Professionals Fix Your Shower Head Problem:

As a person who regularly works out early in the morning the last thing I expect is experiencing a shower head problem. Well, this was what I believed and stood by. My usual routine was waking up at around 6am in the morning and engaging in some exercises in my home gym. Well, this was certainly one of the good days (so I thought). I was able to keep my work out on a high note. To ready myself for work I headed to the shower room and turned on the shower. But, instead of the usual hot streams of water all I could hear was a hissing sound.

No water was coming out of the shower head. Maybe there was a water problem in the home or at the local water authority. But No! The other taps in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen were running just fine. I soon realized that I was facing one of my morning fears. Yes! I was having a shower head problem. This was the last thing I expected especially today when I was meeting a client who was an “early bird.” So, I had to take a bath using a bucket. Something I wasn’t used to. Truth be told, nothing is as relaxing and comforting as jets of warm water splashing on your head and down your back.


Finally, my meeting with the client was over meaning that I could now deal with my shower head problem. I checked out Everydayshower and their guide suggested I find a plumber. The first step was searching for a reliable plumber who would figure out why my shower head wasn’t working. This seemed a bit odd considering that I had just replaced the shower head a couple of weeks earlier. The local plumber went through the routine checks and inspection and came up with the analysis. Everything in the system was okay except for the shower head. The unit that had been installed was of poor quality. It was made from substandard material and didn’t even meet the required standards.


Well, what would you expect? I had paid half the normal price thinking that I was getting a bargain. The adage “cheap is expensive” finally made sense to me now. The next logical step was to find another shower head (a good one this time round).I went online looking for best shower head reviews and found a great article by Jane Dark. In it she explained how each head was different as well as the pros and cons of each product.


With the guidance of the plumber I was able to locate a seasoned and reputable shower head dealer. The firm was quite helpful and showed me a wide array of shower heads. Finally I picked one which was later fixed by the plumber. Considering that I was dealing with professionals, shower head problems will certainly become a thing of the past.

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